Sizzlin’ Firefighters’ Barbecue

Members of the Historical Fire Company in dress uniforms, in front of Engine One.

The Larchmont Historical Fire Company makes house calls! We don’t respond to fire alarms, but we offer five-alarm service – our Sizzlin’ Firefighters’ Barbecue.

Former Larchmont Fire Chief Jim Sweeney, the Fire Company’s Beer-Meister, serves at a recent barbecue.

We provide a three-course meal in your back yard for 12 or more people. Here’s what happens:

  • We show up in our historical uniforms with Engine One and with our Chief’s Car – a 1910 1-cylinder Brush Autocar.
  • We set up our mobile fire museum.
  • We serve a hors d’oeuvre course.
  • We provide a blind craft-brewed beer tasting, providing 3 beers to sample during each course.
  • We provide a main course that includes salmon fillets grilled in a lemon-ginger marinade and flank steak grilled in a spicy firefighters’ barbecue sauce.
  • We provide a custom dessert, selected for your occasion.
  • Between courses we re-enact a traditional fire inspection in our vintage uniforms that include illuminated helmets, and we re-enact the Chief’s charge to the members of the Larchmont Fire Department in 1922, when Engine One went into service.
  • If children are present, we also do a demonstration of the chemistry behind the operation of a traditional fire extinguisher.
  • If children are present, we also provide grilled hot dogs.

For insurance reasons and because both of our antique vehicles are museum-quality restorations, we do not offer rides. However, we do provide small-group guided tours of each vehicle, and we demonstrate the operation of the vehicle with the motor. The  Brush Autocar has a 1-cylinder motor, and the 1922 American LaFrance pumper has a motor that runs via two separate electrical systems. It is also equipped with a state-of-the-art (for 1922) chemical extinguisher.

We can provide our barbecues throughout lower Westchester. We provide these barbecues to support the cost of restoration and maintenance of Engine One. Our charge is $995 for the first 12 attendees and $85 for each additional adult or $65 for each additional child up to a maximum of 24 persons overall. We can accommodate larger groups based on arrangements that are worked out for the occasion. If you contact us to express interest, we schedule a home visit where we mutually develop an event plan, set a date, and work out any special arrangements that might be desired.

Email us at  ______ for inquiries.