Historical Society Establishes Fire Company

Engine One

Engine One

The Larchmont Historical Fire Company is a committee of the Larchmont Historical Society that was established in 2007 primarily to help with the restoration and maintenance of Engine One, a 1922 American La France pumper that served Larchmont from 1923 to 1947. Historical Company members are mostly former or current volunteer firefighters, including several former chiefs of the Larchmont Fire Department.

The Larchmont Fire Department sold the pumper in 1947, but in 2002, its volunteer fire companies together repurchased it from a Seattle, Washington family. In 2007, the companies donated the pumper and other memorabilia to the Larchmont Historical Society. At the same time, the family of Jacob Orans donated $75,000 in his memory to aid in the restoration of the vehicle.

The Historical Fire Company conducted research, raised additional funds, hired a contractor and oversaw the restoration of the pumper. In 2012, Firefly Restorations of Hope, Maine finished its work, and Engine One returned to Larchmont.

engineonewhite1Since then, the Larchmont Historical Fire Company has continued to maintain and display the pumper at community functions and parades. Company members acquired uniforms based roughly on those worn in the Civil War era by the Fire “Zoaves.”  They march in parades with the pumper, dressed in bright red jackets, black slacks, white spats and red illuminated helmets.

In addition to maintaining Engine One and other firefighting artifacts, the Historical Fire Company hosts Irish Night, with traditional St. Patrick’s Day food, music and entertainment.  Celebrated for almost a century by Larchmont Fire Department’s Engine Company, the tradition had lapsed in recent years, but was revived in 2013 by the Historical Fire Company.