Engine One Returns

Engine One is a 1922 American LaFrance pumper that served Larchmont from 1923 to 1947, when it was retired and sold.

In 2002, the volunteer companies of the Larchmont Fire Department purchased Engine One and brought it back to Larchmont. In 2007 they donated the pumper to the Larchmont Historical Society, which established the Larchmont Historical Fire Company to undertake a restoration and develop a program for its ongoing maintenance and display of the engine.

Through an open process that considered several restoration experts, the Historical Fire Company selected Firefly Restorations of Hope, Maine to restore Engine One. The company had recovered factory production records that were used to restore Engine One to its original specifications, including oak wheels with hard rubber tires and a paint job of ivory white with a fire engine red frame.

Meanwhile, the Larchmont Historical Fire Company continued to research the pumper’s history, which is described in detail at Engine One.

This digitally “stretched” image of Engine One was used for a portrait of Larchmont Fire Department volunteers in 2005.