Hook and Ladder Cartoon from 1932

LarchmontVolunteers32The Historical Fire Company is always searching for historical material about firefighting, in Larchmont and around the world. Larchmont and the Sound Shore was a center for the cartoon production in the earlier decades of the 1900s, and we have located a cartoon titled “Hook and Ladder Number One” produced by Terrytoon Cartoons.

LarchmontVolunteers04The cartoon features a firehouse that looks a lot like Larchmont firehouse from the 1890s including the old bell towers. At the start, a chorus sings a ditty about the members of Hook and Ladder Company.

  • We’re the Larchmont Volunteers
  • When the sirens call you’ll always find us on the go
  • We’re a gosh darn bunch of men
  • We’re as tough as any fireman at the scene
  • Every man is his own boss
  • And we fight with every fire til the day is long
  • So we give ourselves this cheer
  • We’re the Larchmont Volunteers

You can see the entire cartoon here. It begins with a short credit, but in about 30 seconds the cartoon starts. To see the video in a larger format click here: Hook and Ladder Cartoon from 2932.


Help Us Keep Our Wheels Rolling!

MobileMuseum_01We need your donations to maintain our antique  vehicles, heritage  uniforms  and   flaming helmets, and continue our project to identify and honor our Mamaroneck Civil War Veterans.


  • Develop our Mobile Fire Museum:
  • Maintain our 1922 Pumper Engine One;
  • Restore our antique Fire Cart and Chief’s Car;
  • Restore more 1908 flaming fire helmets;
  • Research our Mamaroneck Civil War Veterans — we have identified 60 of them — many were firefighters;
  • Support our Fire History archive.

WE’LL PUT IN THE TIME AND EFFORT: With your financial support, we can be ready for the next  parade or community event.

Or mail checks made out to “LHS Fire History” to
Larchmont Historical Society
P.O. Box 742,
Larchmont NY 10538.

Serving Larchmont and Mamaroneck, the Historical Fire Company is part of the Larchmont Historical Society.



Mystery of the Purloined Pumper!

It started with a recent call to the Historical Society Archives from the Division of Motor Vehicles. A Senior Investigator needed to inspect Engine One! Someone in New Jersey was attempting to register a America LaFrance Pumper with the same vehicle identification number (VIN). Had Engine One been stolen? Was Engine One the victim of identity theft? Was LHS going to get a ransom note?

A quick check revealed that Engine One was ready for service, no parts missing or broken, in the Historical Fire Company Barn.

The DMV investigator was determined to solve this unusual mystery.

The Historical Fire Company went to work as it would responding to any emergency. We produced the 1922 order for the Engine, the factory assembly records, the original Larchmont records of purchase, and a complete chain of ownership custody records including the title from Washington State containing the VIN number that was used to transfer the engine when it was brought back to Larchmont from the west coast.

While the investigator was convinced that LHS owned the vehicle we had, and that it was the original Larchmont 1922 pumper, why did another 1920s American LaFrance pumper have the same VIN number? Maybe this was a factory error – like mistakes on stamps and coins – that always add enormous collector’s value to the items involved? Was Engine One a clone? Did it have a long-lost twin brother? If there was an amazing mistake, LHS and the Historical Fire Company could suddenly be fabulously rich!

Historical Firefighters to Honor Rediscovered CIVIL WAR VET

More than 100 years after his death, the Larchmont Historical Firefighters will add John O’Neal to Mamaroneck’s temporary civil war memorial at the Larchmont and Mamaroneck American Legion Posts. O’Neal was a Mamaroneck, NY resident who served in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War aboard the U.S.S. Malvern, President Lincoln’s flagship of the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron.



O’Neal is the latest and the sixty-second Mamaroneck Town Civil War veteran to be rediscovered by the Larchmont Historical Firefighters, and added to the temporary civil war memorial.